caribbean sea jazz festival aruba 2008 close call erik emanOn the 18th and 19th of August 2007 Aruba experienced the first Annual Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival. Cas di Cultura Plaza was the pounding heart of music in the Caribbean during this festival weekend. From the start the Festival was a huge succes for Arubans and visitors alike. A perfect mix of Jazz, Latin, Soul, Funk and Blues was presented on three different stages and areas. The festival, a dream of founder Erik Eman, attracted visitors not only from the region but from all over the world. In the week preceding the Festival, numerous venues offer a wide range of free concerts.
The concept surrounding the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival is inspired by the North Sea Jazz Festival (The Netherlands) and Saint Lucia Jazz. The well known Aruba Jazz & Latin Music festival which took place from 1986 till 2001 could be seen as a predecessor of the new Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival. Nowadays the CSJF is organized each first weekend in October. With a small budget and a lot of help from local people and enterprises a dream comes true every year.
The Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival Aruba is not only about music, both visitors and artists agree that the atmosphere of this (mainly) outdoor Festival is vibrating. The superb food stalls and numerous bars are the icing on the cake.

caribbean sea jazz festival aruba 2008 the ploctones anton gFamous featured performers such as Angie Stone, Candy Dulfer, Eddie Palmieri, Raul Midon, Richard Bona, Michel Camilo, Marcus Miller, Tango Extremo, Issac Delgado, David Sanborn, Eric Vloeimans, Anacaona , Izaline Calister, Praful, Randal Corsen, Rincon Boys, Ronchi Matthew, Yuri Honing, Will Bernard, The Ploctones, Moon Baker, Red Fulka, Lao Tizer, Paoli Mejias, Cubop City Big Band and Cosy Cotton Blues Band makes the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival a truly international event of the highest caliber.

One of CSJF’s main goals, to create a stage for local and regional talent amongst the big names, proves to be a big succes each edition. Flame, Rincon Boys, Michelangelo, Lee Connor, Bremo & Jansen, Time Banditsz and many more added great value to the 2011 Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival.


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