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Cancun all Inclusive Resorts From A To Z – Full Experience, Mexico

Are you thinking about the greatest Cancun all inclusive resorts trip? There are quite a few good reasons why men and women really like to visit Cancun. In advance of your communicating with your travel company, take into account planning your journey carefully and seriously to know what specials are offered.

Cancun delivers some of the very best beaches on the globe. In truth this travel vacation spot is mainly recognized for its gentle and white sands. In Cancun you can also enjoy its dazzling turquoise waters. With all that you can consider every single water sport you can think about you can experience. For example boating, jet skiing, parasailing and fishing is available. You can do all those in Cancun. So when researching the very best Cancun all inclusive vacation bundle specials, make sure all the activities you want to do are incorporated. Some deals will include just a handful of freebies, breakfast, accommodations and maybe one tourist activity, while others can supply you considerably a lot more.

An additional great attraction you should not miss in Cancun is cenotes. Cenotes are caves located in underground rivers. Of course, you can dive, swim and snorkel in these remarkable underwater caves!

On land you can get pleasure from cultural routines and other actions. Cancun all inclusive getaway specials will often include a wide variety of land actions. Cultural routines include folkloric ballets and bullfights. There might also be museums near the hotel you are staying in. The ideal all inclusive Cancun vacation package will frequently include a tour of the famed Mayan Ruins. Pay a visit to eco-parks, exactly where you can get a dip in the water with dolphins, enjoy water slides and discover nature’s amazing plant life.

There are a lot of methods to get around while in Cancun, but if you’re on a budget, the ideal way to do so is by renting an automobile. It isn’t just low cost, but you have the freedom to find attractions on your very own. However some specials do offer y vehicle services, so you could ask about that.

As you can see, the greatest way to get enjoyment from Cancun to the fullest is not just by staying at the seashore. Join cultural occasions, get very long drives and tickle your taste buds. All these can be accomplished with an ideal Cancun & Puerto Rico resorts all inclusive vacation!

Spring Break Cancun

If you are suffering from the winter blues and looking for a place to get away then Cancun may just be for you. It is the perfect place for all those spring breakers who have hitting the books long and hard. Once just a little a sleepy and old fishing town in has it has truly become a popular and booming tourist destination. Not only is it sunny and but it is also relatively affordable. There are some things however you should take into consideration when planning your next vacation to Cancun, Mexico. Here are just a few:

The Weather- the average temperature is close to around 78 degrees. You do want to make sure you pack a light jacket and a sweatshirt or two because lows can get into the lower 50’s in March and April. Typically, during the day however you can expect sunshine and clear blue skies.

Nightlife- If you are looking for some fun after dark, consider one of the many night clubs. Most are within the hotel zone. Keep in mind that the legal drinking age is 18. Most clubs cost between 20.00 and 60.00 U.S. dollars for cover and many also include an open bar. Some of the most popular destinations include: Senor Frogs, O ultra lounge, and the City. Most of these clubs will stay open till the last customer leaves. Also, it is always a good idea to stay with your group since as the night progresses waiters at clubs tend to get a little friendlier and may in fact try to touch or kiss patrons.

Beaches- Well if you are ready to sleep off that wild night last night why not try the beach. Cancun is home to some of the prettiest beaches in the world. The water is clear and always warm. The sand is made of ground coral which keeps it nice and cool. There is something on these beaches for everyone’s swimming abilities. If you are more of a beginning swimmer or have decided to have young children accompany you on your trip consider going to beach front near the isla Mujeres.

Other adventures- If you want to get out of the sun and are not quite ready for the night life just yet. Cancun has several other ways for you to enjoy yourself. Why not try and check out some of the local shops? You can find many souvenirs for relatively cheap. You may also enjoy adventures such as visiting butterfly gardens, bird, or even dolphin watching. You can also take tours of the ancient Mayan temples, and cities. Or perhaps a simple fine dining experience will do for you. There are lots of restaurants to choose from. Many wait staff speak both English, and Spanish, and there are many traditional American dishes to choose from.

Finally, there are some last minute tips to remember:

Finding a cheap airline tickets are always a big barrier for all travelers! Don’t stop yourself to have a great Cancun Vacation during summer as in 2022 & 2023 the tickets will be much cheaper than earlier, Now the majority of airlines companies making great discounts after Covid-19 pandemic ends.

• Don’t forget to have your passport. There are strict rules for children entering Mexico. They must have signed consent from both parents as well as identification forms.

• Always travel in groups especially late at night

• It is best to buy bottled drinking water. While many hotels and restaurants have a purified drinking system it is still in your best interest to not buy bottled water to avoid illness.

• Lastly, don’t forget to have fun.

Review of the Intercontinental President Cancun Resort in Mexico

You might think of Cancun mainly in relationships to cruise ships docking there, but the Intercontinental Presidente CancunResort, in Cancun is , well, fabulous. The Discovery Channel calls it the best beach in Cancun and one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. And, you can’t experience that beach from a cruise ship.

Its location is great, just five minutes from shopping, and the nightlife area and within walking distance to the Cancun GolfCourse, formerly called the “Pok Ta Pok Golf Course.” It’s less than 15 miles from the Cancun International Airport and the normal taxi ride costs about $40 USD and it’s a 35 minute ride.

With almost 300 rooms, it’s decorated in a contemporary Mexican style with a spacious lobby and deluxe furnishings. The lobby was recently redone featuring a grand staircase, a new motor lobby and a deck bar. It has a AAA Four Diamond rating.

Recreational activities located on the property include two swimming pools, five Jacuzzis, tennis courts, ping-pong and volleyball. Their non-motorized water sports are free. The beach area offers palapas and one very unique palapa which has beachside massages available. There are three excellent restaurants at the resort and two lounges. There is also a gym, florist, gift shop, beauty salon and a convenience store/newsstand on the premises. There are baby sitting services available the children’s activities are coordinated daily by the Entertainment Manager.

There is also a full business center at the hotel and an executive level of guest rooms and suites. At this level, you will enjoy a free continental buffet breakfast, dinner snacks, and drinks. There is also valet service and turn down service. There is also cable/satellite tv, pay for view movies, and a mini bar along with a coffee maker and the usual in-room amenities. Their suites offer a daily newspaper and a few more services. There is a charge for high-speed internet service

While Hurricane Wilma damaged much of Cancun’s beaches, due to it’s premier location, this particular beach, added 15 additional frontage feet to its already spectacular private beach. You can even enjoy a beachside massage while relaxing on this beautiful beach.

The resort has excellent facilities for destination weddings or business conferences. From a small room seating 20 up to the Tulum Ballroom which can handle over 450 guests, their staff of five event specialists will work with you on planning the details of your event(s). All of the meeting areas have A/V hook ups, modems and the like. Their catering department will be happy to work out menus and pricing with you.

Dining is sensational at this resort. Enjoy fresh caught seafood and international dishes at El Caribeño in the hotel but on the beach. It serves lunch and dinner daily in a casual Caribbean atmosphere. The eatery and lounge is located under a huge palapa by the pool. The Frutas Y Flores restaurant is open daily for a buffet breakfast. It’s located next to the main swimming pool area. The Caña Brava serves lunch from 10am to 6pm. It’s right on the beach, near the pool area and serves fresh seafood and snacks.

Next, is Alfredo di Roma Pasta, Pizza and Sports Bar. It’s right next to the hotel and is part of the reknown Alfred di RomaRestaurants. Their original eatery in Rome, is where, in 1975, my family ate dinner there, and my grandmother was given the fork the chef used in preparing his signature dish, Fettuccine Alfredo. I remember the evening very well – the food was wonderful and I recall vividly the chef presenting the fork to Grandma. A few years later, the restaurant expanded to the US, later adding a location in this hotel in Cancun.

Although the activities at the hotel will keep you busy, you’ll want to do and see other attractions while you’re in Cancun. There are many watersports here – fishing charters, renting jet skis, water skiing, or you might book a dinner cruise on a pirate ship. The “Sunrise Marina Jungle” tour is great fun – you’ll drive your own two-person speedboat through the second largest coral reef in the world. Or, the Shotover Jet Ride, which some consider the world’s most exciting jet boat ride. Here, you’ll enjoy a speedboat tour through the Nichupte Lagoon’s mangrove and the lush tropical paradise with its wildlife and exotic birds. (Visit docancun.com for more details)

The National Institute of Anthropology and History is a small museum located on the ground floor of the Cancun Convention Center. It traces the Mayan culture with a collection of 1,000 to 1,500 year-old artifacts collected throughout QuintanaRoo Blvd. The entry fee is about $3 USD but it’s free on Sundays. Open Tues-Sun. 9am to 7pm.

You’ll want to check out El Centro (downtown Cancun) with its terrific eateries, and great shops. You’ll usually find both the dining costs and shopping prices a little lower than those in the hotel zone. There is a craft market also. Nader has tiny restaurants and sidewalk cafes and Yaxchilan is known for its restaurants, hotels and nightlife. Ole! – you can also experience the thrilling bullfights here at the Plaza del Toros. (Again wwwdocancun.com will give you additional information.)

Tulum is a great day trip and only a short drive from Cancun. You can join a tour, or rent a car and drive there yourself. It’s the ruins of an old Mayan civilization built by the sea. There is also a beautiful spot to swim so you might take your bathing suit with you. (NOTE: Some times of the year, the main beach is closed and therefore the entire beach area is more crowded.) You’ll also find many iguanas in the area. Bargain for your purchases – you don’t want to pay full price for anything bought here. It can be very hot, so early morning and late afternoon are the prime times to visit; you’ll also avoid most of the crowds this way.

There is a lot more to see and do in Cancun but this will give you some ideas to get started. Have a great trip.


Why Learn a New Language? To Travel Latin America for Fun and Profit, of Course!

Learning a new language is exciting….but can it be profitable? In this ever-increasing, small world we live in, speaking another language can be the key to success. If you speak English,… Spanish should be a second choice.

Learning the language is just the beginning. Learning the lifestyle along with words and adding hand gestures make it fun. Today with newly-developed techniques, learning a new language is not as difficult as it was previously, and you can reap more than cultural rewards!

Why not do it for fun and profit? The people of Cancun, Mexico are starving for English-speaking people who also speak Spanish to work in the many services areas. You do not even have to be fluent but you soon will be. Just do not expect to get rich. However, do expect to have fun. People come from all over the world to work in tourism, volunteering and other industries. Many come to Cancun to polish up on their Spanish while working in the Hotel Zone. The hotels are begging for bilingual help.

Schools around the world give their students money to go to Latin America as part of their educational programs. They also give them credit towards their major/degree. The experience will look well on resumes, and can sometimes, lead to a better paying position.

The cost of living is very low. Housing is about $160-$350 (U.S.) per month. Wireless Internet is everywhere, so make sure to bring a laptop. Some may want to make friends back home envious by bragging about the beautiful beaches and 80 degree weather. Food is also inexpensive when living the Mexican lifestyle. There are books on how to live in Cancun on a low budget and those books will discuss where to eat, find low cost housing, health care and more. Bus service is 65 cents and taxis run about $2.50, so getting around is not a problem. Plus one can explore the Mayan culture which is an experience in and of itself. The night life just adds to the excitement.

The new life-long and diverse friends a person can make will contribute to the richness of life’s experience. Facebook can keep friendships current. Who knows, someday you may be working for them or they may be working for you! Many will find the younger people living in Cancun, the locals, now speak awkward English. The Mexican government is encouraging this to improve. Their motivation stems from the economic improvements it will provide. Teaching the kids English equals a better economy. Most likely people traveling down here could find themselves teaching English with the use of simple everyday conversation.

The people are very kind, caring and honest. One issue people have….is it safe? Cancun is one of the safest places in the world! If you look at the news, some would assume that all Mexico is dangerous. This is not true. It is mainly the border towns that have their problems with the drug cartels. In Cancun, the police ratio is the highest per capita in all Mexico. They especially protect the tourist population and why not – they are a huge part of their economy. Rest assured, people here are safe. So learn Spanish and the beauty of Cancun will enhance your life more then you every dreamed. Do not ever forget to “Live your life everyday as if it is your last because someday you will be right! “

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