10 Years of Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival

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10 Years of Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival

On the 23rd and 24th of September, the 10th edition of the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival has once again taken place. Over 5,500 attendees have enjoyed a great festival, in every possible way. The Caribbean Sea Foundation would hereby like to thank all visitors, artists, sponsors and employees for 10 years of non-stop support. Without you CSJF wouldn’t exist!

The festival started small, grew big over the years, but always stayed modest. The key driver has always been the connective and inspirational power of music. For both young and old, Arubans and tourists, and for lovers of culture in the broadest sense of the word. A gathering where local talent, international stars, visual art, local food and primarily the visitors form the most beautiful melting pot of Aruba.

More and more Arubans and locals discover that ‘jazz’ also represents Latin, soul, Izaline, blues, tango, pop, funk and Aruba’s very own musical talents. More and more tourists are finding the way to CSJF and buy their Early Bird tickets online, even before the lineup is published. What everyone knows by now, is that the CSJF is associated with a high quality of both the music and organization of the festival. Two consecutive days, with eight concerts each night distributed across three stages, all for a low entrance fee.

For the special occasion of the 10th festival edition a photobook has appeared, in which the past nine years have been documented. This year’s edition included, 180 concerts have been given, zero foreign bands have canceled and the program has always been executed according to plan. Aside from this, 20 free warmup/cooldown concerts have been given. One happy festival? No one has ever complained about the ambience, literally. No nuisance, no incidents, no complaints and even during some heavy rain showers, the audience happily kept on dancing…

One of the missions of the Caribbean Sea Foundation is to stimulate Aruban youngsters to expand their view beyond borders, through music. Not just beyond Aruba’s landlines, but beyond their own personal limits. Up to this day, 30 free workshops on Aruban schools have contributed to this. Youth Tickets were available for AWG 10,- for visitors up to 17 years.

It’s all about music… and more! On the festival terrain, the Aruban culture is displayed on the Food Court with local specialties, an actual Art Gallery and a mini market with local products. The CSJF is an Aruban production, which is why it has completed 10 years of working almost exclusively with local entrepreneurs and products: light and sound, stages, magazines, posters, banners, t-shirts and staff. The only things coming from outside are artists, journalists and visitors. This year there were nearly 2,000 non-island visitors on the festival.

The Caribbean Sea Foundation receives financial support from Aruba Tourism Authority, amongst others. In return a professionally organized festival (a premium event) is expected, for which a number of tourists come to Aruba and sufficient international exposure for Aruba/CSJF is generated. CSJF conforms to both requirements. The financial contribution of all sponsors and ticket sale revenue don’t suffice to book the greatest artists of the world. Although income increases each year, the expenses are growing along. The CSF is a non-profit foundation, and that’s how it should be.

What’s in it for us? 20 nights to never forget!

Along with Aruba, we would like to keep growing for the next 10 years, for which we are in great need of your support.

See you on September 15 and 16 in 2017!