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Music and visual art have always been inextricably entwined. Just as a tropical jazz tune evokes the portrait of you sipping cocktails over a picturesque sunset, a vividly painted landscape can set you humming like the birds you imagine in it. At the 10th anniversary of the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival, we invite you to celebrate the senses with an exquisite Art Expo and an artesanal Arts & Crafts Market.

Although long time studies have shown that visual and musical art have always amplified one another, it doesn’t take a degree to understand that everything just looks better with the right sound (and vice versa). Caribbean life has always been associated with sweeping rhythms as well as colorful imagery, which has inspired us to invite both local and international artists to display their paintings and works of photography on the CSJF Art Exhibition. Whether you’re a true culture vulture putting down their name on the Silent Auction, or you just like to watch pretty things while listening to great music, there’s something for everyone.

Following the success of last year’s Arts & Crafts Market, local artisans will once again showcase their creativity on this year’s edition. Feel the island vibe wandering along the stalls with hand-made sculptures and handicrafts, with tropical beats thumping from the festival stages. A perfect opportunity to get a real insight into the island culture, and a great place to collect unique souvenirs.

In true CSJF tradition, the exhibiting participants will once again come together to join artistic forces. Watch their individual visual interpretations on the festival blend into one, as they create a cooperative painting on the spot. Feeling lucky? Buy yourself a lot, and take a chance on winning the cooperative painting of the previous year.

Open up your senses and join the cultural trip. We’ll grant you a colorfully bright and resounding welcome.