Music for the eyes.

Life in the Caribbean has always been saturated with great music, and amplified by colourful imagery. Whether you’re an art knower or novice, visual art can stir any soul just like music can do. For those who like to experience the visual rhythms of local and international artists, the CSJF Art Expo and Arts & Crafts Market is the place to catch a tune.

Red sandy roads, orange sunsets and bright blue water… It’s easy to see where exhibitors at the CSJF Art Expo get their inspiration from. Both local and international artists contribute to the gallery; from realistic paintings to abstract photographs. Offering a quiet retreat from the festival brawl, this is where you ease the ears and tease the eyes.

Ready to dive deeper into Aruba’s culture? Visit our Arts & Crafts Market, where local artisans showcase their dexterity with hand-made sculptures and handicrafts. Stroll along the market stalls, looking for that unique souvenir to remember this edition by.

A great CSJF tradition, this year the exhibiting participants will once again collaborate on a grand piece of art on the spot. Stick around to see the artists at work, and try your luck by buying a lot to vie for last year’s artwork.