Project Description

¡Viva las Cubanas! No less than 88 years ago, this all-female orchestra founded in Havana. Today, a new generation of passionate women honour the name and message of sisterhood. Led by bassists Georgina and Dorita Aguirre, the group has been renewed with talented music school graduates. Ladies AND gentlemen, we proudly present: ¡Anacaona!

Back in the early 1930s, it was believed that women weren’t capable of playing son Cubano. When the group of 11 sisters formed, they were out to send more than a musical message across the nation. Their popularity quickly grew, leading them to work together with salsa icons like Omara Portuondo and Celia Cruz. In 1962, Anacaona joined Cuba’s National Council of Culture, establishing the group as true Cuban musical heritage.

In the late ‘80s, the band had its revival. The remaining sisters decided to retire, and pass the batons to the Aguirre sisters. They decided to keep the name, that refers to a heroic female Taíno leader in Hispaniola. They developed a sound, that draws heavily from the ’90s style of Cuban music known as timba. Over the past decades, they released several studio albums that included eponymous hits like Como Un Milagro, Anacaona ¡Ay!,and Llora Si Te Duelo.

Although their current sound fits the contemporary Latin music genre, the vocal harmonies and instrumentalism surely carry you back to the old salsa days. This September, Anacaona is ready to rumble on the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival!