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Project Description

CLJX (Caribbean Latin Jazz Xpress) was founded in July 2016 by Rodney O. van der Biezen. Rodney is an
Aruban native pianist/arranger with a passion for Latin Jazz. He lived for many years with the dream of
creating his own Latin Jazz Group. This Group performs original composed and arranged compositions
and local Aruban classic songs re-arranged in a Latin jazz style.

In January of 2016, Rodney started composing and arranging all of the songs and after that, the
recordings started in HR Studio of Mr. Hershel Rosario in Curacao. There they recorded all the Rhythm
sessions (Drums, Congas, Timbales and all other African instruments such as Bata’s and Shekere).

The name Caribbean Latin Jazz Xpress is formed out of two concepts. One is the mix of musicians out of
Aruba, Curacao, Cuba and Venezuela, and the other one is to honor Aruba’s only Jazz Radio Program
held on Aruba’s Magic 96.5 FM by Mr. Tendo Boekhoudt and Mr. Giovanni Muller.