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Project Description


a band formed by Aruban saxophonist/producer/educator, and composer, Delbert Bernabela, ( currently living in the Netherlands, from where he extensively works and tours in Europe and also the Caribbean, US and South America. He fronts the band together with son David Bernabela who has been working on creating his own sound and finding his path in his musical career, which has led him to establish several bands in the music styles of jazz, funk and hip-hop. Their debut album, With you will be released on Sept 8th, 2018.  M.O.T.‘s eclectic sonic palette ranges from contemporary jazz and world music, to soulful funk and neo-soul with a nod towards Aruban and Caribbean rhythms. Meant to be digested in one sitting, With you takes listeners on an immersive, genre-bending journey rooted in the hope for universal harmony. This music is for the world, sidestepping cliché at almost every turn.

The instrumentation is saxophone, bass, guitar and drums.