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Project Description

Eduardo Proveyer, “El Prove”, saxophonist of excellence and native of the heart of Havana (Cayo Hueso, cradle of talented musicians) proposes to delight us with a band of all star musicians in a typical and traditional format.

To understand the essence of this musical project by Eduardo Proveyer “EL PROVE”, we must refer from the beginning to the significance that, for Cubans, Old Havana has.

Old Havana was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982 and has an intense cultural and musical life.

The rumba, the guaguanco, the son, the guaracha and other genres have had as home, the streets and the houses of Old Havana.

The purpose of El Prove is to unite old musical friends again in a modern and updated project that respects the patterns of traditional Cuban music tinged with Jazz concepts.

It will be an enormous enjoyment when friends from childhood, from studios and musicians from different groups, can join in this Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival of Aruba to delight us with professionalism and mastery.

El Prove and Habana Vieja All Stars is a current, different and interesting proposal that will remain forever in our hearts and in our musical feelings.