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Project Description

An authentic Aruban initiative, Oruba was formed in 2012 to bring its island’s music to the world stage. Thought and brought together by Reno Steba, he honours his Caiquetio indian ancestors by translating their story into a music act. Sung fully in Papiamento and supported by a rhythmic dance act and visuals, this culture-clad performance will please both the eyes and ears.

Being born on Aruba to the legendary multi-instrumentalist Oscar Steba, Reno felt right at home in the music scene from a young age. Although originally trained on the bass guitar at the local music school, he learned most of his skills through self-education. His musical career spans both decades and seas, as he performed around the world for different artists such as Santana, Herman Brood, Lou Prince and Tony Sherman.

For this formation, Reno brought together some of Aruba’s finest musicians: percussionist Ipi Martes, quartist Lidrick Solognier, keyboardist Johnny Scharbaay, drummer Jeremy Bonariba, wiri-player Arthur Kelly, guitarist Sergio Jansen and background ladies Aimee Middendorp and Marigin Rafaël. Together they are ready to tell the world a folkloric tale of Aruba, through the universal language of music.