Rincon Boyz

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Project Description

One day a group of young musical friends, all of them originating from the island of Bonaire and residing in Aruba, came together with the idea to form a folk group to keep the Bonairean folk music alive in Aruba. The plan was to perform on Sundays for friends and families, for example for Bonairean families residing in Aruba who miss their island and music. Also in 2009 they decided to participate on the Aruban Hymn and Flag festival, which is very popular on the island. There the Aruban crowd had received and accepted them with open arms and from then on things got more serious! After that they recorded their first album “Rincon Boyz Take It Easy” which helped existing folk tunes to get more recognition on all the islands and the bookings kept coming afterwards even on other Caribbean islands.

Their second album “Rincon Boyz Goes International”, which contains the mega hit “Porfin tin un homber!” (Finally there is a man!), was an instant success and became the number one song in 2010!