Siegfried Hart

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Project Description

Siegfried Hart is a drummer, composer and a multi instrumentalist currently living in the Netherlands.
Siegfried started to play drums at the age of 15, but always wanted to play drums from a really young age. He could not afford to buy a drum set so at the age of 13 he bought a guitar cause he was so eager to play music. Guitar was not quite wat he was looking for. After buying his first kit at 15 years of age he went to his first drum camp and after that camp he went every year to drum camp.

He won the drum camp twice in a row and started his first band who performed for the first time in the art gallery of Caribbean Sea Jazz festival in 2012. After this performance this band went to play on the bigger stages of CSJF the following years. He has lead different bands over the years and played at various festivals with these bands.
He has won numerous prizes in his career including winning the prime minister of
Aruba’s “Young and talented” award.

Siegfried Hart trio started as an experiment cause of lack of availability of other musicians at that moment. Siegfried has an enormous love for hip hop and R&B and in this project he experiments with those elements while fusing them with jazz. The bass player is Ivan Quandus who is one of Aruba’s most recorded bassist and one of the best arrangers on the island. The mastermind behind the keys is Terrance Green who has played over the years with Siegfried in different bands. He will melt you with his insane groove and beautiful melodies on the keys.