Sister Sledge ft. Kathy Sledge

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Project Description

This year’s edition of the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival is all about family, and these ladies are coming to the party! The third generation in line of the musical Sledge family, the group has reigned supreme over the disco dance floor for over 45 years. Their tunes have become anthems for both familyhood and womanhood, and although they are each accomplished soloists, their strength lies in their musical bond. On the fourth weekend of this September, you can put on your dancing shoes and get LOST IN MUSIC!

In the late 60s, opera singer Viola Williams trained her granddaughters vocally, to have them perform at their family church. With a classical tutoring grandmother and two parents from the theatre world, the young girls were inspired to pursue big dreams. In 1971 they took it from the church to the stage, gaining great popularity in the following years. They year 1979 marked their breakthrough, with their platinum album and eponymous hit single We Are Family. Setting the bar for each music genre that would reign the following decade, the Sledges successfully performed jazz, gospel, R&B, soul and disco. With a sales of 15 million records worldwide up to date, the multiple Grammy nominated group delivered smash hits like He’s The Greatest Dancer, My Guy, Frankie, Lost In Music and Thinking Of You.

Throughout the decades, they continued to receive praise for their live performances. They have graced the most prestigious stages around the globe, including Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden and The Royal Albert Hall. That is why we are exhilarated, to announce on this year’s CSJF: Sister Sledge featuring Kathy Sledge.