Zuco 103

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Project Description

ZUCO 103: A musical journey with a unique sound

What happens when you take a Dutch big band percussionist, a German jazz pianist and a sultry Brazilian singer? A beautiful melting pot called Zuco 103. Pioneering ‘Brazilectro’, a fusion of Brazilian jazz and electronic beats, the band has been making rhythm since 1999. After eight years of searching new inspiration under the radar, the band recently released their highly anticipated comeback album Etno Chic. In good Brazilian fashion, this calls for a celebration… What better place to have it, than at the 2017 Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival?

Although Brazilian singer Lilian Vieira moved to the Netherlands in 1989, she always felt strongly connected to her native culture and traditions. Following her vocal studies at the Rotterdam Conservatorium, she started performing with Brazilian musicians and searched to develop her own musical style. When she met New Cool Collective drummer Stefan Kruger and experienced jazz keyboardist Stefan Schmid, they joined forces and Zuco 103 was born.

After winning the Heineken Crossover Award and the Edison Viewer’s Choice Award in the early 2000’s, Zuco 103 was literally sent flying. The band’s global journey marks its multi-faceted sound; from West African beats to Cuban rhythms, from smooth samba to edgy drum ‘n bass. Praised for their live performances internationally, the ‘fusicians’ highlighted at the 30th anniversary of the North Sea Jazz Festival. This September, they are ready to bring the Brazilectric vibe to the CSJF stage!