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Over the past few years, the Food Court has been an important and succesfully received part of the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival, made possible by the collaboration of the island’s finest caterers. So why change a winning team, if you can extend it? On this year’s edition, you can enjoy your trusted favorites along with some new tasty items on the festival menu. Check out the mouthwatering options, that we proudly present to you this year.

The Food Court is conveniently located at the centre of the festival site, offering ample seats in a cozy garden setting and a good view of the main stage. You’ll never miss out on the fun, as you’re taking your pick between an array of local quality restaurants, that offer anything from appetizers to full meals -at great value. You can pay at all outlets with festival tokens, available at centrally located cashiers on the terrain.

One of the premium features of the CSJF Food Court, is because of its open setup you aren’t limited to one specific restaurant. If your festival friend is craving for a juicy beef burger, but you’re more into an authentic Cuban dish of ‘Ropa Vieja’, you can order separately and still enjoy it at together at one table!

The doors of the festival and the Food Court will open at 6pm. To get the best bang for your entrance fee, be sure to arrive early. Watching the Caribbean sunset while the opening acts tune you into the mood, will certainly add to the taste of your already yummy Strawberry & Cream Frappuccino. Don’t forget to bring an empty stomach, and start the 10th edition of the CSJF in culinary style.

Bon apetit!