Friday September 21

/Friday September 21
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¡Viva las Cubanas! No less than 88 years ago, this all-female orchestra founded in Havana. Today, a new generation of passionate women honour the name and message of sisterhood. Led by bassists Georgina and Dorita Aguirre, the group has been renewed with talented music school graduates. Ladies AND gentlemen, we proudly present: ¡Anacaona!


Eric Essix ft. Karen Bryant & Kelley O’Neal

ERIC ESSIX For Eric Essix, the year 2018 marks two inspiring milestones in his multi-faceted career. The Birmingham, Alabama based contemporary jazz guitarist is currently in the studio with his longtime band working on a project under the title, “25-30 Sessions,” indicating that this will be his 25th full length recording since launching his recording [...]


Cosy Cotton Band

Formed in 1986, the members had played previously in Dutch blues bands. The Cosy Cotton band toured in Holland, Germany and Belgium, and accompanied many American blues players on tour all over Europe. The band played at many important Blues and Jazz Festivals, on the same bill with big names as BB King, Ray Charles, [...]